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Colloquium Depot, Ltd., a 501c (3) nonprofit, is seeking your support. Your donations to Colloquium Depot will help us to fulfill our mission, which is to reduce or eliminate societal violence; increase both the public awareness of violence and the ability to define, identify and stop violence; emphasize the importance of family relationships; and promote non-abusive behavior, and anti-abusive values.


Our desire is to enhance the quality of life for all by engaging all ages, faiths, genders, and ethnicities, creating gentle warriors for peace through: education, entertainment, arts-based programs, and interactive trans-generational workshops recognizing individual needs in resolving interpersonal dynamics.  

We are encouraging youth, through music, to reevaluate current goals and activities and discover new approaches to living.  


Your donations will give this mission a spiritual and material lift. It will be a meaningful step towards establishing  a community of anti-abuse, anti-bullying, anti-violence individuals. We hope you will consider contributing via PayPal by clicking on the donate button on this page. Every little bit will help us reach our goal. Or you can mail a check made out to Colloquium Depot to:

Colloquium Depot, Ltd.

P. O. Box 617

New York, New York 10159

Thank you for your support!

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